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10 questions everyone in content should hear the Answers to!

Updated: May 28, 2020

Pixelated People's very own Stuart Lo has placed superstar Content Strategist, Livi Cracknell in to multiple projects of late. We caught up with her for a 10 question interview, where she talks about what inspires her, how she would explain content strategy to a small child and much more....Read on to find out! 1) Where do you find your inspiration from? Sarah Richards at Content Design and Kristina Halvorson, CEO of Brain Traffic and host of the Content Strategy Podcast

2) What are the 3 things that make compelling content? 1) Relevancy 2) Structure 3) Design

3) What is your favourite tech product?

Contentful. With decoupled content and headless CMS on the rise, I think it’s the best on the market.

4) What are the top 3 things you have learned this year? 1) Getting the basics of content strategy right (i.e. taxonomy, metadata, content model) is really crucial for any scalable content marketing effort. 2) Content = data 3) It’s overwhelming just how many Artificial Intelligence tools there are out there specialising in content.

5) What is the 1 skill you'd like to add to your CV in the next year? Personalisation at scale

6) What are the top 3 brands that you believe have the greatet content? 1. 2.

7) How would you explain what you do to a small child? That’s REALLY hard! I work with big brands and help them make great content – which means anything you see that is linked with their brand (videos/websites/emails/apps). Just like there are standards at school that means you can score an A or B, there are standards that content must meet to be considered great. I work with brands to ensure they score an A.

8) What are the main things you'd like to change about the industry? I’m starting to see it more, but I’d really like content strategy to be taken seriously in the same way that both design and development are. For a long time, content felt like an afterthought – it was very much design and coding led, which typically means there was little structure within a brand’s content which led to mess, inconsistency and missing the mark on producing relevant and personalised experiences. By treating content as delicately as we do data – we can produce better experiences for our customers.

9) What are your recommendations for industry platforms for news, tips and trends? Content Strategy Inc Content Wrangler

10) Finish the sentence....Content work is.... Content work is… the perfect blend of art and data.

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